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Lietuvos inovatyvių profesinio rengimo įstaigų asociacija

Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 11, 44287, Kaunas, Lithuania

Phone:+370 610 28371


Lithuanian Association of Innovative Vocational Education Institutions unites 25 most innovative VET institutions of Lithuania. It is NGO – the self-sufficient, educational, non-profit, and open to all vocational schools which contribute to development of vocational education system and educational system reformation in Lithuania. Members represent the VET school principals.

The Association’s vision – open, responsible, active association that encourages innovative thinking and acting in vocational training. The Association’s mission – through innovation to enhance the attractiveness and quality of vocational education and training. The main value – creativity.

Association seeks to enrich the activities by building a network of VET institutions and social partners that support innovative ideas and promote innovative projects, develop collaboration, mutual co-operation and sharing of good practice.

Karaliaus Mindaugo profesinio mokymo centras

Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 11, 44287, Kaunas, Lithuania

Phone:+370 37 207185

Fax:+37037 322805


 Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre is one of the largest vocational training centres in Lithuania. For more than 80 years, it has earned a competitive and reliable educational institution name.

The centre is a modern, dynamic educational institution, remaining responsive to labor market changes and eagerly applying innovative forms of education. The Centre has around 500 staff members and 4500 students. The Centre’s teachers provide high-quality formal and non-formal education services: primary (9 and 10 classes), secondary, adult, vocational and early childhood education. The Centre offers an attractive and promising different kind of specialties, modern and practical bases. The scope of specialties embraces sectors of beauty, business, health and social welfare.  Particular attention is paid to upholding Christian values and developing general competences.

Federazione CNOS-FAP

Via Appia Antica 78, Rome, Italy

Phone: +39 3338800584


 CNOS-FAP Federation, National Centre of Salesian Institutions – Vocational Training and Updating, is an Italian association founded on December 9th 1977.

It coordinates the Italian Salesian VET centres who provide a public service in vocational guidance, initial, higher and continuous vocational education and training, following the educational methodology of St. John Bosco.  It is a non-profit organization, representing in Italy the Salesians’ commitment towards the delivering of VET services and programs, particularly addressed to marginalized youth.

Salesian Institutions are in 133 Countries; as VET providers they started their activities in 1870 and are currently active in 108 Countries, managing about 1845 technical and educational schools and VET centres addressed to more than 1.215.000 beneficiaries, numbering them among the eldest, long-lasting and widest network of training providers of the world.

At national level, The CNOS-FAP Federation operates in 16 Italian Regions with 60 Centres, coordinated by the National Office, active in VET field.

INDEO – Fundacion Laboral del Metal

c/ Joaquin Salas19, Santander, Spain

Phone: 0034942239906


 INDEO – Fundación Laboral del Metal is a Non-Profit organization oriented to provide services for the Metal Industry and recently for all other sectors in Cantabria region, Spain. It was created in March 2004 by the most important regional Labor and Trade Unions – FEDERACIÓN MINEROMETALÚRGICA DE CC.OO.,  MCA-UGT CANTABRIA and PYMETAL CANTABRIA, which together offer continuous training and employment solutions to 20,000 workers and 3,000 companies in the region. Annually the Foundation delivers professional training and updates technical skills to more than 1,200 workers. Moreover, the Foundation designs and implements integrated projects with private and public institutions on new technologies and methodologies related to qualifications design, accreditation and recognition, training and competencies development as well as in social realms as social & labor integration of vulnerable groups. The organization has implemented a variety of EU projects in the last 10 years in all these areas.

Houttuinlaan 6, Woerden, Netherlands

Phone: +31348753522


 The MBO Raad is the Association of Colleges in the Netherlands, that represents all educational institutions for secondary

vocational training and adult education. (650.000 enrollments, yearly).

On behalf of its 70 member institutions the MBO Raad promotes the collective interests of the sector, supports common

activities of the institutes and acts as an employer’ organisation.

In addition, the MBO Raad acts as an intermediary between the VET-colleges and the government, professional

branch organisations, industries and other stakeholders providing the colleges with guidance and advice of their specialised


As representing organisation on behalf of all colleges, the MBO Raad is at the heart of the sector having a perfect position to disseminate innovations, also in the field of International policies.

Bezirksregierung Köln

EU-Geschäftsstelle – Wirtschaft und Berufsbildung

Zeughausstr. 2-10

50667 Köln


Phone: +492211472361


 In all five Regional Governments of the Land North-Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) in Germany there exist EU-Geschäftsstellen in order to promote European project work in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

They are part of the school supervisory department, in the Cologne Region (Regierungsbezirk) it is responsible for 58 public vocational colleges. For these colleges the EU-Geschäftsstelle Köln (EUGES) provides a general service with respect to all questions of European activities and the improvement of European mobility in the VET sector. At the same time it is a development and advisory centre with regard to European aspects of school improvement and implementation of new conceptions into the vocational education.

The EUGES cooperates with the VET colleges in the region and supports them when participating in international projects.