On 28th-30th November 2018 APPRINVET project partnership has organized qualification improvement training workshop for VET teachers and trainers from Lithuania, Italy and Spain, which was held in Germany. In total, 13 participants took part in the training: 3 representatives from FLM (Spain), 5 representatives from CNOS-FAP (Italy) and 5 representatives from KAUPA (Lithuania).

The training was organized in order to test training programme developed within APPRINVET project which is dedicated to VET teachers and trainers qualification improvement in the field of dual pathways application providing high quality VET service.

The training results showed noticeable improvement towards participants knowledge and skills related to dual training organization and implementation. Furthermore, as the biggest advantage of the training the participants stressed the knowledge they have received of the best practices of other countries dual systems and possibility to have a deep analysis in real context of their dual programmes.

All training material as well as guidance how to implement the training is available on APPRINVET website and can be used by other VET organizations willing to improve VET teachers and trainers competences.