On the 11th of June, 2018, the partners met for the 2nd transnational meeting in Rome, Italy. The meeting took place in the facilities of CNOS-FAP. The meeting was attended by representatives from all partner organisations.

There was presented final version of IO1, accomplished tasks of IO2, 2nd progress report in APPRINVET project. The partnership has approved prepared evaluation tool and discussed further tasks of curriculum evaluation in partner countries. It was agreed that curriculum will be evaluated using prepared tool within interviews with at least 3 representatives of: VET institution management; VET teachers; trainers in the enterprises. In accordance to the interview results, the partnership has to prepare review report with recommendation for curriculum adjustments. This task will follow with actual curriculum adjustment integrating the recommendation into existing VET programmes and testing in applying in real training process (within training units).

The partnership has reviewed the IO3 interim results. The occupational profile was approved and it was decided to share it with external stakeholders after the meeting. Partners has discussed also the possible structure of non-formal training programme and how the competences foreseen in the occupational profile could be gained by the target group. It was decided to explore existing practice in Netherlands, Germany and Italy, prepare training material in accordance to the existing practices modifying it to match the occupational profile. It was also agreed that the training should have interactive nature, meaning the participants should be given certain tools to exploit during the training gaining the necessary abilities for apprenticeship implementation at the same time.

The partners discussed the change of the training place and decided, that it is reasonable to organize the training in Germany with help of Netherlands partners. It has to be stressed that the same recommendation was provided by the experts who were evaluating project application.

EUGES and MBO Raad agreed to organize the training, which would take part in Germany city Aachen. The partners will organize some field trips both in Germany and Netherlands for the teachers to observe the work of local training units. The occupational sectors of the training units should fit into categories of metal work, mechanics, beauty/massage.

Also there were discussed management tasks in the project. 3rd risk management report and quality assurance reports has been presented. Also preparation for 2nd interim report took place.

The partnership has visited one of CNOS-FAP training centre and discussed apprenticeship implementation challenges in Italy together with the director of the school.