On October 9th-10th 2017 APPRINVET project partners met for the first time to discuss apprenticeship development in partner countries and prepare for project implementation.

Partners have agreed that work-based learning is one of the best way to correspond the needs of modern economy since it allows rather quickly and efficiently prepare specialists necessary for the market. President of Lithuanian Association of Innovative Vocational Education Institutions – project coordinator – Mrs. Nijolė Deksnienė expressed a hope that APPRINVET project will be a great measure to take over European countries experience, where dual training is already developed. ”We believe that partners from Germany and the Netherlands, where long-standing apprenticeship traditions are in place, will become a great example for us, and will contribute to solving the problems of apprenticeship development in Lithuania, Italy and Spain“.

Starting from October 2017, APPRINVET partnership will be developing 1st intellectual output of the project – Guidebook for the curriculum design, organisation of work-based learning and work-based vocational didactics for dual apprenticeship carried out in the practical training institutions. The first output will be available through project website starting from March 2018.